International Program Manager (Social Enterprise)

Fascinated by the world of impact and social enterprises? Do you have what it takes to help us generate more social impact? Euclid Network (EN) relocated from London to the Hague and is expanding the team. Apply now for a job!

Our mission – and yours?

In tomorrow’s economy the success of business is not only measured by their profitability, but by the responsibility with which they treat the planet and the dignity with which they treat people. Social entrepreneurs and leaders are the world’s frontrunners, dedicated to solving societal challenges while running a sustainable business. As a European network for social enterprises and impact-driven leaders we connect and support those organisations that are helping social enterprises to be successful and be so continually. 

Since our foundation in 2007 we have managed 25 mainly EU-funded projects to a value of over 15 million EUR, and worked with 50 partners from most EU Member States, the Middle East and Russia. EN and our partners have supported over 1.000 young entrepreneurs to undertake business mentoring placements in another country, as well as continuing to provide practical peer mentoring to 140 social entrepreneurs per year. EN also works to put social entrepreneurs at the forefront of shaping the ecosystem and market for social enterprises thanks to a new strategic partnership with the European Commission.

EN connects social enterprise intermediaries, universities and training institutes, frontline NGOs and impact-driven entrepreneurs.

Our strategic programmes and special events

Our programmes include Erasmus for young Entrepreneurs (EYE), PeerEx, MedUp, a platform for Social Enterprises and Investors and the strategic partnership with European Commission under EasI. Our events create a platform for impact-driven organizations from all corners of Europe to present themselves, connect to investors, public officials and exchange experiences to scale together. We are proud of the Gathering to Grow event, Social Finance Café and the EN Summit. More information on .

“ Social entrepreneurs and leaders are the world’s frontrunners, dedicated to solving societal challenges while running a sustainable business.”


Does this sound like your dream job? Check out the vacancy and apply by Tuesday 19 June 2019.

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